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The structure of the Circular Summit was inspired by the concepts disseminated by BlackRock, the largest global asset manager, the World Economic Forum, an international public-private cooperation organization, Capricorn Partners and Circularity Capital, both investment funds.
These institutions lead initiatives for a more inclusive and sustainable economy and it is based on this concept that ABIPLAST (Brazilian Association of the Plastic Industry) in partnership with Reed Exhibitions, developed the Circular Summit, which aims to promote and position this new economy at the center of the investment strategy.
Based on the manifestations disclosed by these companies, sustainability will be the new investment standard, becoming a decisive factor in the companies' investment prospects in the long term. In other words, investors already understand and above all consider the environmental impacts on prices, costs of demand across the economy.
It is in this context, that we believe that all investors, entrepreneurs, leaders in the consumer market and the public sector, need a clearly picture of how companies are preparing to answer questions related to this new economic model (Circular Economy), understood as a new collaborative economy that prioritizes the integrated production ecosystem.


Considering that investors are adopting sustainability as a new investment standard and that economic growth will be guided by the ability of corporate leaders to direct changes oriented to a new economic model, the first Circular Economy Summit in Brazil, conceived by the Brazilian Industries Plastic Association (ABIPLAST), in partnership with Reed Exhibitions, will help to disseminate information and effective initiatives on this new economy, which is seen as the most adherent solution to ensure the existence of your business through investment consistency.

Emerging markets, for example, to become internationally competitive and to expand their commercial capacity, must, necessarily, adapt the entire value chain with the concepts of circularity, in order to meet global investment standards.

It is these correlations between environmental impacts and the reallocation of capital, which drove us to develop the Circular Summit, which will be an invitation for companies that have in their culture a genuine responsibility to be protagonists in change, to build perennial legacies and oriented to preserve resources.

Therefore, you entrepreneur must decide:
What does it mean for you to be on the right side of history?

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What is Circular Economy?

In a Circular Economy, the production and consumption model starts to increasingly consider the effectiveness of the use of finite resources, prioritizing the redesign of products to maximize the use, reuse and promotion of recycling, thus causing a systemic change in the way of producing and consume.

This model, above all, allows expanding business opportunities and maintaining economic capital, in addition to presenting environmental and social benefits.

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Circular Economy
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